See worksheet 3 below or download as a Word document

Worksheet 3


Cards for matching exercise: print and cut out.


You buy a ticket with a number on it. Then someone picks the winning number. If you have the ticket with this number you win the prize.

jumble sale

You can buy a lot of different goods but they are not new.


There is a stall with many prizes, each marked with a number. You buy a ticket and if your number matches the number on a prize you win it.

bring and buy sale

You bring things you want to sell and you buy things at the sale.

food sale

You can buy different kinds of food.


You agree to pay some money if someone completes an activity (for example, a long walk).


You pay some money to enter. You answer a lot of questions and the winner gets a prize.

Important: raffles and tombolas There are legal requirements for raffles and tombolas. They should only be run as part of another event and the draw should take place at that event - otherwise you have to register with the local authority and pay a fee. So, for example, students could run a food sale and have a raffle at the same time - see Introduction to raffles briefing