Guidelines for referees

Students applying for a Ruth Hayman Trust grant are asked to provide a reference. The reference should usually come from a course tutor from a previous or current course. If the applicant has not studied before in the UK, we will accept a reference from another professional, such as an advice worker or employer.

If you have been asked to write a reference for an applicant please give your full name, position, work email and contact telephone number. Please say in what capacity you have known the applicant and for how long. We need to know the applicant is applying for a suitable course and is likely to succeed on that course.

Two successful applicants

Two successful applicants

  • Please comment as far as possible on:
    attitude to learning
    standard of coursework
    any other examples of the applicants’s academic abilities
    whether the student has, to your knowledge, applied to other organisations such as the College/University Hardship or Welfare Fund

The applicant should then send this reference on headed paper to Ruth Hayman Trust, PO BOX 17685, London N6 6WD to complete his or her application. Alternatively the reference letter may be scanned and emailed to  Please save your reference with the applicant's name.