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Cheques for course and exam fees will usually be made payable to the institution where you are studying, except where you have to pay online. Book tokens, if awarded, will be sent to you by Ruth Hayman Trust. A dictionary, if awarded, will be posted to you by Oxford University Press. If you pay the fee after the date of your application and we send you an award, please return the cheque and send a copy of the receipt for your payment. We will then send you a cheque in your or another's name. Payment for equipment and the Rose Grant Award will usually be made to you personally, or if you do not have a bank account to another person. What name should we put on the cheque?
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You must send a reference to Ruth Hayman Trust, PO Box 17685, London N6 6WD or email a scanned copy to If you do not send a reference, your application will not be considered.
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